Preeclampsia is a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy that affects approximately 2-8% of pregnancies, being one of the main causes of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. Despite its high prevalence and impact on the health of our pregnant women, its pathophysiology is very complex and not yet well defined. Recently, an association between maternal intestinal dysbiosis and preeclampsia has been described, although we do not know the potential impact of said dysbiosis on the microbiota and development of the fetus.

Given that the fetal microbiota depends directly on the maternal microbiota, we hypothesize that fetuses of mothers with preeclampsia present an alteration in the intestinal microbiota that can alter their growth and development. The project is entitled “Role of intestinal dysbiosis in pregnant women with preeclampsia: impact on growth, development and fetal microbiota”.

Start: June 1st 2021

End: December 31st 2024

“We studied the maternal-fetal gut microbiota in preeclampsia and its association with fetal growth and development”


Prospective longitudinal cohort study including preeclamptic pregnancies and uncomplicated pregnancies.


Fátima Crispi
Principal Investigator

Francesca Crovetto
Principal Investigator

Marta Larroya
Predoctoral Student

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