Our program is aimed at professionals of any nationality interested in Fetal Medicine and in improving their skills at both clinical and research levels. However, before applying for admission we always recommend that you visit us.

Obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists, psychologists, biologists, physicists, engineers and any other professional of any nationality with an interest/experience in fetal development and diseases of prenatal origin, preferably with 2-3 years of clinical or professional experience, a minimal research experience and a high level of English. Experience in animal models will be valued for certain profiles.
The programs last up to four years, either at the pre or postdoctoral level, and can include the presentation of a doctoral thesis.

•  Short-term stays  (less than 6 months) do not include clinical rotation.
•  Long-term stays  (6 months or more) may include clinical rotation depending on the case.

In general, we give preference to long-term stays – 3 years minimum with presentation of doctoral thesis.

Interested candidates should send the following documentation (in English) to Maite Aguilera info_fellows@bcnatalresearch.org

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Application form
3. Brief report on the candidate’s interests in Fetal Medicine research (maximum 2 pages), indicating which of our research projects fits his or her interests, and availability as well as the type and duration of the stay that he or she wishes to request.

Short stays

There is also the possibility of making short visits to get to know us.

Obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists, psychologists, biologists, physicists, engineers and any other professional interested in fetal medicine can request to visit our center.

The visits have a typical duration of 3 days, during which you will be interviewed by the line managers and by Dr. Eduard Gratacós in order to evaluate the possibility of joining a particular line of research. In addition, you can visit our facilities and if during your visit a medical procedure of interest is scheduled, you can attend as an observer. Visits to our center do not include any type of clinical practice.

If you are interested you should send the following documentation (in English) to info_fellows@bcnatalresearch.org

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Brief report of your interests in fetal medicine research (2 pages maximum)


They were part of our team



    • Yumjirmaa Mandakh (Clinician, Mongolia): Ph Student Abr 2022 – Set 2022
    • Mercè Fuentes (Basic scientist, Spain): Master Student Jul 2021 – Jun 2022
    • Catherine Hernandez (Clinician, Perú): Master Student Ene 2022 – Jun 2022
    • Paola Traversi (Clinician, Italy): Clinical Researcher Mar 2022 – Jun 2022
    • Gerarda Gaeta (Clinician, Italy): Clinical Researcher Nov 2021- May 2022
    • Roberta Castellani (Clinician, Italy): Clinical Researcher Nov 2021- May 2022
    • Laura Pla (Basic scientist, Spain ): Research Technician, PhD student Jan 2016-Jun 2019


    • Mari Kinoshita (Clinician, Japan): PhD Student 2016 –2021
    • Talita Micheletti (Clinician, Brazil): PhD Student 2015 –2021
    • Vasili Sircheli (Basic scientist, Moldavia): Undergrad student Sept 2017-June 2018, Lab technician Oct-Dec 2019


    • Mirza Awais Ahmad (STEM, Pakistan): PhD Student Abr 2020-Set 2020
    • Carla Loreiro (Lab technician Oct 2016-Jul 2020, Spain): Lab technician
    • David Basurto (Clinician, México): PhD Student Gen 2020 – Jun2020
    • Ana Rosy (Clinician, Mexic): Clinical researcher Jan-Feb 2020
    • Angeles Juarez (Clinician, Mexic): Clinical researcher Dec 2019-Feb 2020
    • Iris Soveral (Clinician, Portugal): Clinical Researcher May 2015-Feb 2020
    • Cristina Miranda (Basic scientist, Spain): Lab Technician/Biobanc Technical Coordinator Sept 2018-Jan 2020
    • Fernanda Paz y Miño (Clinician, Ecuador): Research Collaborator/Clinical Researcher Sept 2018-Jan20


    • Alvaro Sepulveda (Clinician, Chile): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Jan 2015-Dec 2019
    • Brenda Valenzuela (Clinician, Mexico): Master's degreee student, PhD student, Postdoctoral Researcher, Sept 2010-31 Dec 2019
    • Javiera Alejandra Fuenzalida (Clinician, Chile): Clinical Researcher Jan 2019-Dec 2020
    • Katerina Nedopekina (Clinician, Russia): PhD student Lund Univ (FetalMedPhD) April 2019-Sept 2019
    • Laura García   (Clinician, Spain ): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) March 2016-Dec 2019
    • Laura Salazar (Clinician, Spain ): Clinical Researcher Jan 2018-Dec 2019
    • Santiago Castelazo (Clinician, Mexico): Clinical Researcher Jan 2019-Dec 2020
    • Paula Vazquez (Basic scientist, Spain ): Undergraduate student, Research Technician Dec 2018-Dec 2019
    • Lucía García Inciarte (Basic scientist, Uruguay): Undergrad student/ Master degree Student Dec 2019-Dec 2019
    • Grigorios Kalapotharakos (Clinician, Greece): PhD student Lund Univ (FetalMedPhD) Oct 2016 and Dec 2019
    • Nadine Hanner (Clinician, Germany): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Oct 2014-Dec 2019
    • Cora Roig (Nutricionist, Spain): Research Technician - Undergrad student Nov 2018 - Oct 2019
    • Lennart van der Veeken (Clinician, Belgium): PhD Student May 2019-Oct 2019
    • Alenxander Engels (Clinician, Germany): PhD Student May 2019-Oct 2019
    • Marcos Alonso (Basic scientist, Spain ): Undergrad student Oct 2018-Sep 2019
    • Giulia Benedetto (Clinician, Italia): Clinical Researcher March 2019-Oct 2019
    • Marta Gracia (Economist, Spain): Research Technician - Undergrad student Jul 2019-Aug 2019
    • Claudia Gracia (Undergraduate student, Spain): Research technician Nov 2018-Jun 2019
    • Julia Carbó (Basic scientist, Spain ): Undergrad Student Dec 2018-Jun 2019
    • Rosa López Parellada (Basic scientist, Spain ): Research Technician Jun 2016-Jun 2019
    • Silvana Santamaria (Clinician, Ecuador): Master degree Student Oct 2018-Jun 2019
    • Mariella Giannone (Clinician, Italia): Clinical Researcher Jan 2019-Jun 2019
    • Miriam Osorio (Lab technician, Spain ): Biobanc Technical Coordinator Sep 2016-May 2019
    • Alex Agyemang (Clinician, Ghana): PhD student Lund Univ (FetalMedPhD) May 2017 and March 2019
    • Sergio Quesada (Master Student, Spain ): Research Technician Oct 2017-Mar2019
    • Andre Gie (Clinician, South Africa): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Gen-March 2019
    • Àlvaro Perez-Moreno (STEM, Spain): Undergrad sudent 2008-2010, Master student 2011-2012, PhD student 2014-2019
    • Eduardo Herreros   (Basic scientist, Chile): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) March 2017-March 2019
    • Montse Mayol (Basic scientist, Spain ): Undergrad student Nov 2018-Feb 2019
    • Annachiara Basso (Clinician, Italy): Clinical Researcher Feb 2018-Jan 2019
    • Molka Kammoum (Basic scientist, Tunisia): PhD student Lund Univ (FetalMedPhD) Jul-Sept 2017
    • Cristina Baques (Basic scientist, Spain): Undergrad Student Sept 2019-Jan 2019
    • Nadia Rojas (Nurse, Spain): PhD student (2017 - 2020)


    • Jezid Miranda (Clinician, Colombia): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Oct 2015-Dec 2018
    • Cristina Paules (Clinician, Spain ): Clinical Researcher Jan 2016-Dec 2018
    • Sally Sabra (Clinician, Egypt): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Jan 2016-Dec 2018
    • Jaume Miñano   (Clinician, Spain ): Clinical Researcher Jan 2018-Dec 2018
    • Sergio Berdún   (Veterinary, Spain ): Postdoctoral researcher May 2016-Nov 2018
    • Nuria Rierola (Basic scientist, Spain ): Lab Technician Oct 2016-Aug 2018
    • Alicia Urbiego (Basic scientist, Spain ): Undergrad student Feb-Oct 2018
    • Mari Carmen Lopez (Basic scientist, Spain ): Undergrad student Oct 2016-June 2018
    • Melissa Pelaez (Clinician, Perú): Clinical Researcher Oct 2017-Jun 2018
    • Gulcin Gumus (Basic scientist, Turkey): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Jan 2014-April 2018
    • Tri Rahmat Basuki (Clinician, Indonesia): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Oct 2014-Feb 2018
    • Javier Caradeux (Clinician, Chile): Clinical Researcher Jan 2017-Jan 2018


    • Helena Ayuso (Clinician, Spain ): Clinical Researcher Jan 2017-Dec 2017
    • Marta de Lamo (Clinician, Spain ): Research Nurse Oct 2016-Dec 2017
    • Mérida Rodriguez (Clinician, Cuba): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Feb 2014-Dec 2017
    • Catarina Policiano (Clinician, Portugal): Clinical Researcher Jan-Jun 2017
    • Eleonor Tiblad (Clinician, Sweeden): Clinical Researcher Sept 2016-Aug 2017
    • Anna Gracia (Clinician, Spain ): Clinical Researcher Jan-Dec 2017
    • Rui Simoes (Basic scientist, Portugal): Postdoctoral Researcher May 2013-May 2017


    • Dirk Hart (Basic scientist, South Africa): PhD student (FetalMedPhD) Oct 2015-Oct 2016
    • Anna González   (Basic scientist, Spain ): PhD Student Oct 2009-Dec 2013, Biobanc Technical Coordinator Jan 2014-Mar 2016

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