The first pregnancy app designed by experts in maternal-fetal medicine. The only one with personalized plans to improve the diet and emotional well-being of the pregnant woman.

A project funded by Obra Social ‘La Caixa’ and with the collaboration of the IDIBAPS team of nutritionists and the esMindfulness institute.



App iNatal

Rabbit Brain Atlas

The first atlas of the rabbit’s brain based on magnetic resonance imaging. This tool allows, for the first time, the automatic parceling of brain regions, a crucial step to perform certain neuroimaging analyzes during neurodevelopment.

Clinical guidelines and care protocols

One of the main objectives of our research is the translation of results to the medical community and that involves improving clinical practice in maternal-fetal medicine. Hence an important contribution of the team is the development of clinical guidelines and care protocols. This activity allows us to integrate some of the research results into the clinical practice of maternal-fetal medicine and neonatology units, optimizing patient care and promoting the application of certain preventive and treatment measures in health services.


  • Registered industrial property title: Image analysis techniques for diagnosing diseases
    Inventors/authors: Eduard Gratacós, Elisenda Bonet, Montserrat Palacio, Alvaro Pérez, Teresa Cobo
    Entity holder of rights: Hospital Clinic and Transmural Biotech S.L
    Application number: PCT/IB2013/058696
    Priority Country: World Patent (International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization
    Date of registration: 20/09/2013

  • Industrial secret: Automatic Quantitative Ultrasound Analysis (AQUA)
    Inventors/authors: Eduard Gratacós, Ivan Amat
    Entity holder of rights: Hospital Clínic  and Universidad de Barcelona
    Country of registration: Spain
    Date of registration: 21/12/2010

  • Solution of preeclampsia screening on general population of pregnant women
    Inventors: Eduard Gratacos, Francesc Figueras, Fàtima Crispi, Luis Lasalvia, James Meenan.
    U.S. Patent Application No. PCT/US13/38025.
    Owner entity: Siemens GmbH, Hospital Clínic and Universidad de Barcelona
    Priority country: United States of America
    Date of registration: 01/06/2009
  • Equipo para visión endoscópica mejorada por infrarrojo de estructuras vasculares
    Inventors: E. Gratacós, I. Amat
    Application number: P 200803513
    Owner entity: Hospital Clínic and Universidad de Barcelona
    Priority country: Spain
    Date of aplication: 11/12/2008

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