The main objective of the “FetalBrainCare” project is to evaluate whether maternal supplementation with lactoferrin and omega-3 fatty acid DHA, in cases of pregnancies with restricted intrauterine growth, can improve the neurological development of the baby. This project is carried out in collaboration with Ignasi Madrid of the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical and Physicochemical Technology (University of Barcelona).

Start: 2020

Expected completion date: 30/06/2024

“Prenatal life represents a unique and exceptional opportunity for preventive medicine.”

Innovation & Impact

This study will be the first to provide an effective strategy to reduce the impact of restricted intrauterine growth on the neurological development of the fetus, opening the door to the application of therapies with the potential to improve the neurodevelopmental health of thousands of children each year.


Elisenda Eixarch IP

Elisenda Eixarch
Principal Investigator

Eduard Gratacós
Principal Investigator

Miriam Illa
Principal Investigator

Elena Monterde
Predoc Researcher

Erica Muñoz
Lab technician


  • Other collaborators: Ignasi Madrid, Mónica Rebollo Polo, Carmen Comas, Gerard Albagies, Susana Fernández-García, Jose Luis Hernández, Sánchez, Irene Ribera Casellas, Beatriz Lorente Silva


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